7 easy ways to clean your office after a census campaign in Brisbane

There are a number of benefits that come with a clean office in Brisbane. It is therefore important that an organization invests in cleaning services to ensure that the office is clean and tidy after a census campaign. You can hire commercial cleaners in Brisbane here. But besides seeking the services of commercial cleaning agencies, there are also several steps that have to be followed when cleaning the office to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Encourage hand washing

Office cleanliness is not only restricted to taking care of the floor, walls and washrooms, it goes far beyond that. It is important that the staff is informed on the importance of hand washing. On an average day, an individual can meet a number of people, and touching a lot of hands in this case. What most people do not understand is that most infectious diseases are usually transmitted through touch. You can achieve this by including soap dispensers in places that are frequently visited.

Use disinfectant

To ensure that you get rid of all germs and virus causing bacteria, it is important to use a disinfectant during the cleaning process. Besides, you should also have disinfectant wipes available. They can be very useful in ensuring that the office is always clean and smells fresh. Sanitizing the office can help reduce the spread of infections

Remove litter from desk spaces

To ensure maximum productivity, ensuring that the whole office environment is kept clean can be very important. If the employees are working in an environment that is taken care of, they will work more efficiently. It is therefore important that the desks are also kept clean and tidy. This can be achieved by advising the staff members to take care of the desks by getting rid of all the unnecessary materials around their work stations.

Empty the bins

After a function has been held, there is a high possibility that the bins will be full of left overs. If this is kept for longer periods without being disposed, it can be a breeding zone for germs and viruses. Besides, they will also smell after a period of time. It is recommended that the bins should be emptied within the shortest time possible. As much as this can take some time, it will ensure that everyone is comfortable in the environment they are working on in the long run.

Avoid eating at the desks

Most of the staff members prefer to take snacks and drinks at their desks. First, this can be a very unproductive act since most of the time will be wasted on the drinks. It can also make the whole place untidy. You should encourage the staff members to look for other convenient places where they can be taking the foodstuffs rather than the desks,


It goes without saying that cleanliness plays a very vital role in the productivity of your workplace. It is therefore important that every organization input more efforts in ensuring that the office is kept clean for the benefit of every individual concerned.

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